Dreamcatcher Studios
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Firstly I am a cat person... I have two of them, they're both rescues and i am pretty sure are both ferrel. One pretends to like me for food and the other doesn't even bother to try. She's old, angry and bites me even though she has no teeth... but i kinda love that about her.

I am a photographer and i love what i do.

I live with my wife Lindsey and (as above) two slightly deranged cats. Lindsey is definitely my biggest supporter when life gives me lemons and my grounding force for when my lemons get a bit too big.

I love music and film with a very eclectic taste from classical to "don't flop" hip-hop and Star Wars to The Proposal.

I love shooting the breeze with old friends as well as putting the world to rights with complete strangers.

Anything else......just ask